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Pioneering metaverse accelerates a better future through technology


FuturePass brings a comprehensive platform to its members that offers experiences of tomorrow’s technologies and trends along with the opportunity to prepare for, act on, and influence them.

Launched on 6/01/2022, FuturePass was created by futurist Frank Casale, founder of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence and Automation expert, influencer, and thought-leader Pascal Bornet.

“We have invited the world’s leading futurists, founders, activists, and investors to network and share knowledge around technological advancements that generate both enthusiasm and anxiety,” said Casale. “Tech topics include nanotech, exoskeletons, digital companions, artificial intelligence, sci-fi, the metaverse, and much more."

FuturePass takes members beyond content and into conversations, connecting those creating new technologies with the people who will be impacted by them.

“Technology is made by people, for people, which is why we believe that an integral part of fostering a collaborative future includes an open dialogue between users and creators,” said Bornet.

Ultimately, members will interact with each other and future technologies in an immersive metaverse city called Philos, which will project users into the year 2040.

FuturePass experiences will also include career fairs; opportunities to present startup ideas to venture capitalists; mentoring; tech education and training; professional development; public and private policy consultation; and more.

“We believe that to build a better future we must have strong convictions. For example, we reject the uncontrolled use of AI to build weapons, and we want people to regain control of their personal data—we don’t want to be the products anymore,” said Bornet. “FuturePass will give its members a collective voice to encourage the development of corporate, educational, and governmental practices and policies that will build towards a constructive future for humanity.

The FuturePass community is available now at Membership is free until July 25 when 1,775 people will have the opportunity to upgrade their experiences in one of three NFT membership tiers, each offering unique benefits.

“We chose 1,775 to represent the year the Watt steam engine, a major technological breakthrough, ignited the industrial revolution and transformed our world forever,” said Casale.

For more information and to test drive the FuturePass community, visit

About Frank Casale

For 25 years, Frank Casale has challenged the status quo by reinventing products, services, processes and experiences through tech-enabled innovation. Casale blends insatiable curiosity with business acumen to predict key market shifts and trends driving intelligent tech. He is the founder of The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) and The Outsourcing Institute (OI).  A sought-after market commentator, Casale has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, as well as on CNBC and CNN.

About Pascal Bornet

Pascal Bornet is an expert, author, keynote speaker, influencer, and thought leader in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. He is a pioneer in the field of Intelligent Automation (IA) and the author of the best-seller book "Intelligent Automation". He has received multiple awards, and he is regularly ranked as one of the top 10 global experts in the fields of AI and Automation. Bornet has published articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, McKinsey Quarterly, and The Times. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, and a Senior Advisor for several startups and charities. After 20+ years experience in consulting at EY and McKinsey, Bornet is currently on the leadership team of Aera Technology, an innovative startup.