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If you are ready to go, then buckle up, because we can get you there!

Exciting trends in the emerging tech space have become the norm, but one recent trend stands out among the rest as an absolute game changer for businesses. I’ve spent the last 30+ years of my career guiding businesses worldwide through three massive evolutions in technology, and I can say with absolute certainty that none of the innovations we’ve seen before come close to having the impact that Web 3.0 will have on businesses both large and small. Did I say game changing?

NFTs, DAOs, and Metaverses - technologies once reserved for gamers and digital artists, are now beginning to show real promise as drivers of new revenue streams, alternative capital, and customer engagement for businesses and non-profits alike. This capital is neither debt, nor equity, which may be bad news for banks and venture capital firms, but great news for you.

This also spells opportunity for non-profit organizations and social impact initiatives who are normally resource challenged and struggle with fundraising. They, too, have these new tools to add to their toolbox.

So, what’s required to take advantage of this brave new world of technology? For starters, you need skills, resources, and funds. And the same business skills that worked last year do not directly translate to the Web 3.0 way of doing business. You’ll need a team well versed in NFTs, DAOs, and the Metaverse who not only understand the underlying blockchain and smart contract technology, but also have direct experience launching successful projects.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one trusted, business savvy partner that can get you from ideation to success? This is why I launched INTU.

INTU exists to provide a business-led and outcome centric turn-key solution for organizations who are ready to tap into novel Web 3.0 opportunities and to gain an edge over their competitors. Our diverse team not only has the necessary world class technical expertise, but we also have the best business strategists, digital marketers, and community managers in the business. Each and all of these skills are critical for success in this market.

So, if you’d like to explore what impact Web 3.0 can have on your business and how we can help you get there, let’s talk.

Frank Casale

Our Philosophy

team about

A team of thought leaders

We like to refer to ourselves as the Crypto Cowboys. Throughout our respective careers, we’ve pushed the envelope, forging headlong into new frontiers and defining the way business is done for the better. Web3 is the new frontier, and as your seasoned team of Cowboys, we’re here to guide you so you can claim your stake in this emerging territory.

Principle before passion

As passionate as we are about the ways in which NFTs will improve business, we are equally committed to rigorously testing ideas before launching them. Our interests lie in mutual success, and we recognize that success is predicated on following best practices and never letting our excitement cloud our judgment. When you partner with Intu, you not only partner with an invigorating imagination process, but you also partner with the business acumen to bring your ideas to life, successfully.

Keep it simple

Conversations around NFTs can become complex very quickly, between new terminology, and more acronyms than you can count on both hands. This benefits nobody. After all, if we can’t be on the same page about things, we’ll get nowhere fast. That’s why we value simplicity. So, if you don’t know a thing about NFTs, don’t worry. We’ll make it simple.

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Know what you don’t know

One thing is for certain; Web3 is defining a new way of life as we know it. What’s uncertain is exactly how it will evolve. We know a whole lot, but we don’t know everything, and we believe this awareness is critical. It pushes us to test our assumptions, and maintain a healthy dose of realism as we dream up the future, together.

Unlock exponential growth

Reimagine your brand experience


Grow your community like never before

Community building is at the center of the NFT business model, giving your brand enhanced ways of engaging with your audience, turning them into brand evangelists, and attracting new customers.

Raise funds for future initiatives

Position yourself at the forefront of emerging technology and get a leg up on the competition before they can adapt.

Areas of Expertise

A turn-key approach to the future of business.

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